swirl fest 24 - all photos by nash blight

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fleuro - sonic archives

"Fleuro, the shoegaze outfit hailing from Surabaya (Indonesia), has resurfaced onto the music scene with their latest offering, a compelling extended play entitled 'Sonic Archives'.

With their new tracks, Fleuro returns with a renewed commitment to candid lyricism, drawing inspiration from the tapestry of their everyday experiences."

pine point - be longing

"A few familiar Aussie names collide on the new single from Pine Point. With members of Workhorse, Junk Harmony, and Dead Roo, the band brings together a good cross-section of players who’ve left their heart’s in full view." - Andy, Raven Sings The Blues

"You feel a sense of satisfaction when you finally hear the words of ‘Paperbark’ sung with a strength that matches the swell of this homegrown orchestra. It’s a mellow and subtle sound that feels right for a rainy day. ‘Paperbark’ is the penultimate track on Pine Point’s sophomore EP, Be Longing." - Kate Johnston, The Note

hard rubbish - evergreen

"Co-produced by Ricky Albeck, the track is beautifully layered behind Katsaras’ raw vocals. Twangy alt-country guitar highlights and sweet, yearning violin harmonies blend with lyrics that play with the concept of “the evergreen” – a metaphor for pushing through adversity to reach a better place." - Timothea Moylan, The Note

You know you're in for a good time when those strings come in, Hard Rubbish grab your hand and take you along for the ride." - Anika Luna, Triple J Unearthed

junk harmony - a2b

"Aussie mid-fi band temper jagged, jangling power chords with slackened tempos, hitting the sweet spot between toughness and tenderness." - Bandcamp, New & Notable

"Learning to be vulnerable with Junk Harmony —— Junk Harmony's latest EP, 'a2b', captures the complicated human desire to be seen, to be understood – and to hide from difficult emotions.⁠" - CityMag

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